Full of Hope

Making all of these new discoveries and connections with people has been thrilling so far. I’ve found out more than I ever hoped to. However, there has been one thing concerning my family that has made me wonder for a while.

I’ve known for years now that I may have an older half brother, but until just recently I haven’t ventured to investigate anything about him. Since the time I decided to take this interim class, my curiosity grew, and I thought this might be a chance to try to get in contact with him. After asking my parents, I was able to contact his mother on Facebook and request permission to have contact with him.

I currently know his name, age, and where he might currently live (his mother lives there at least). I’m keeping both my fingers and my toes crossed that she contacts me back. It would really be wonderful if I could connect with him and find out if we really are related or not.

Believe me, I wish I had more to report, but I realize I’m just going to have to be patient right now. I also realize that this post is really personal, but it’s probably the most exciting thing that I’ve been looking into since class started, and I’m excited and hopeful that something positive comes of it. Wish me luck! (:


Other than that, I’ve taken 3 findagrave photo requests. Honestly, the hunt for these graves can be so driving that you actually start to make it your own personal mission. After that, oddly enough, you begin to feel some sort of connection to this person that is buried.

I’ve also contacted a couple of people on Ancestry and 23andme. A cousin on Ancestry has offered for me to call her and chat about the family and how exactly we’re related, so I’ll be doing that soon. The other, on 23and me, is from Europe and I still have to try to figure out how we tie together. It all seems slightly overwhelming, but in a good way.

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