Stories Galore!

Friday night Lena, my sister Jo Anna (Clemson Senior) and I took a road trip to Easley and visited my great-uncle Neddo. He has a beautiful house on a hill overlooking the Saluda River. He also has an adorable little dog named Mouse. Sadly, my photographer (aka Lena) did not think to take a picture of the ADORABLE puppy. :/

Anyways, while at Neddo’s I realized where ALLLLLLLLLLL of the family pictures have ended up. His walls are COV-ERED! It was great! But the most amazing thing was the gigantic file folder he handed me as soon as we arrived. It had over a hundred pages inside and they were each stories he had typed up about 7 years ago about his childhood, his parents, his grandparents, basically everything he could remember. I spent at least an hour scanning them all to a flash drive, (over 49 stories) another hour waiting for all of them to upload to ancestry, and then at least 30 minutes working on adding descriptions to them all. I still haven’t finished! In the midst of all this I also am trying to READ the stories.

Just by talking to Neddo, I learned that he fought in the Pacific during WWII along with his brother-in-law AND his father. I had no idea that any of them were in the war. Neddo was a gunner in the Air Force and Big Terrence (brother-in-law) was a pilot. I would tell you about my great-grandfather and what his job was in the war but I want to save that for my Talk20. ūüėČ

After a long recorded talk with Neddo and a pretty hilarious trip to Bojangles (Neddo deemed ¬†it a bad mean because they didn’t serve beer) Lena and I headed back to Good ol’ Summerville for the weekend! Here, we visited my Grandparents, Boney and Jo (Boney is Neddo’s youngest brother). ¬†My recording device didn’t end up working on that visit and I was¬†extremely¬†disappointed but I had some more amazing finds! I have old letters, newspaper clippings, pictures, a ticket to the 1929 Democratic Convention, Flight log books from back when Boney flew his own planes and pictures from his trip to South America. He was on the team who first mapped the mountains of Peru.

I didn’t even get into the boxes of stuff from Jo’s side of the family. That’s a task waiting to be conquered over Spring Break. I cannot wait to start searching through all of this stuff! It was an act of congress just to take a break to post a blog!

On a completely different note, Lena and I are having a great time in Summerville. My dad convinced us to help with yard work this morning. Apparently, watching me and her carrying big limbs from the yard to the street is a pretty funny event. My dad wanted to tape it! But seriously, it was a fun time!

So lastly, I was going to post some¬†pictures¬†of the letters and stories and pictures I found but scanning is taking an excruciating long time tonight. I’ll create a gallery when I get them all onto my computer!

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend full of family history!

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