Weekend Update

This weekend has been spent doing a variety of things relating to my genealogy project.  I have spent time working on the World Archives Project, setting up findagrave.com request from back home, and working on my family tree.  I decided to employ the help of my father with taking pictures in one of the oldest graveyards in Carlisle PA.  He is going to help me fulfill the request in the Old Graveyard.  The Old Graveyard in Carlisle PA is home to the grave of Molly Pitcher. She was a water woman during the revolutionary war that took over firing the cannon when one of the soldiers was killed.  Her name was later used as a nickname to any woman who fought in the war.


Next, I continued to work on my family tree but I am hitting a wall.  In my last post, I described how I hit the wall on my mother’s side.  I was trying to uncover the mystery of my Mongolian birthmark but all the research lead to German names.  Next, I believed my 23andme results would help me solve the mystery.  My results were finally in but of course something else went wrong with them and my relative finder won’t be ready for another week.  I then switched to my father’s side but I am hitting a wall there too.  I can’t find anything past 4 generations on the “West” side.  Its tough for me to understand those results because West is a fairly common surname.  It must be my research techniques.

One interesting fact that i stumbled upon was the city directory that shows my father’s residence in 1993.  It shows my old address at our first house in Carlisle Pa (moved from Philadelphia).

Next on my to do list is to call the Huntingdon Historical Society to get information on my dad’s family and to continue to work on the World Archives Project along with findagrave.