Somebody Interested in Info…?

In the time that I’ve had my DNA results on 23andMe, I hadn’t found any really close relative findings, and nobody had contacted me for anything. That is, until Friday, when I saw something in my inbox, which I wasn’t expecting.

Somebody from the United Kingdom has third/fourth cousin connections to me apparently, and contacted me. None of the surnames listed rang any bells to me, though, and she had her profile set to be of Northern European ancestry, whereas as I am predominantly Eastern European, some Southern, and even less Northern. So how exactly we could be connected… I’m not really sure. It’s kind of a mystery at this point.

Our genome things do show a portion that fits, though, so I am curious to communicate with his lady more to perhaps find out where the connection is down the line. If this could help with tracing anything further, that’d be great.

Honestly, I’m still surprised anyone actually contacted me, since I didn’t seem to have that many people close on the relative finder, though.