Stories of the Past

On Friday at the end of class, I made a couple of discoveries that I decided look further into. On my dads side of the family, John Barron, one of my distant relatives was the first person in South Carolina to own a cotton gin. Also that same person was one of the first people in the upstate or maybe even in South Carolina to own a mule. Both of these were very important to the agricultural economy in the state. On my moms side, one of my other distant relatives, Major James Coker owned a farm in Hartsville, South Carolina, which was burned down my General Sherman of the Union Army during the Civil War. After rebuilding his farm, he eventually founded the company Sonoco, which is a packaging company, which makes M&M wrappers, Pringles Cans, and a bunch of other products.

While trying to give back to the genealogy community, I tried to start keying some records for the World Archives Project, but for some reason the program won’t download an image set for me to start keying. Because of practice and other commitments, it is hard for me to go out and take pictures of graves, so my next step is to try and use familysearch to help.