Tedious Tasks over the Weekend

Over this weekend I have done a lot of scanning, Facebook stalking, grave hunting, and more scanning. As I have said before, the maternal side of my family has been a lot better with keeping records and stuff like that so I haven’t had to search hard for birth dates and stuff like that. Facebook has been a huge tool with helping me to find that kind of stuff with the other side of my family. I have been trying to develop the living part of my tree so I have used Facebook a lot. I just use notepad to record information I find like birthdays, schools, etc. Then I will have to put all this information on ancestry. It’s all very time consuming.

Scanning has also been time consuming, but I am just trying to get all the hard copies of pictures and other stuff on my computer to then put on ancestry. All these pictures are mostly for my maternal side. Beneath is a picture of my grandma Lorraine and grandpa Dave. Beneath that is a picture of Lorraine’s mother and father Ella and Raynard. My grandma has given me all of these great photos.



Also over the weekend, Chase and I have done some hunting in Greenlawn to help with findagrave. Instead of fulfilling photo requests, we decided to take photos in H-1. He started at one end and I started at the other. H-1 is split up in four sections, and we only covered one so far but I had a little under 300 pictures once we were done. I am about halfway done with going through them on findagrave (Also very tedious because you have to look up and make sure the grave photo doesn’t already exist and then either just upload a picture or create the “memorial”). Hopefully we’ll be able to eventually photograph all the graves in H-1 (we’ll see!!).

I called my mom this weekend too to see when my dads results for 23andme are expected to come in. Unfortunately it won’t be until after the class and mine won’t come until after either. It’s a little disappointing because I really want to see my results! I also need to be brave and call back Irene (my grandpa Farrisi’s brother’s wife) to hopefully discover more about the Farrisi side. Her daughter told me that she would call me back, but I haven’t heard anything yet. It’s hard because I don’t want to bother her or be annoying! Tomorrow I am planning to call though. Overall I have gotten a lot done this weekend, but still have lots more to do!

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