Ancestry.com has been a huge help in uncovering the past and connecting the future. But recently I’m starting to have second guesses on my maternal great grandmother side. With no real certainty, the information given connects me to the Zezblatt family. The Zezblatts have the same Russian-Polish and Azkenski Jewish root but moved to America prior to the WWII whereas my great grandmother was several years after the war. The one thing i know for certain is the name of her father which according to her is correct on my tree.However,  my fear is that although the name might be correct the family i have connected is not. According to my research the family i have connected has been located in Wisconsin. This would the one and only relatives remotely located anywhere in the Midwest which leads me to believe that there’s a large possibility that they may not be related. On another note Im still waiting to hear back from the 2nd-4th cousins Ive sent invitations on 23andme.com to share genomes. Most of these supposed relatives are connected to my mother side, which leads me to believe that there are indeed siblings of my great grandmother just not the ones i have connected. Hopefully, i will receive a response in the near future to help erase any additional uncertainty.