I had the opportunity to go home this weekend, and took advantage by sweet talking my mom into getting me a genealogy bank 30 day trial. Other than the article I already found about Henry Carden’s (my 2nd great grandfather) family being poisoned I haven’t really found any interesting stories, that were publicized at least.MontgAdver08:22:17HC My aunt also got back to me with more info on Lula Belle. I was able to track down her parents and even found her father in a Dawes Roll, but I feel like there is still more to be found. Actually, I feel that way about pretty much everyone on my tree. Until I find a story that makes me feel like these people indeed were human and lived lives, I will probably feel that distance. Some good new is that I found out my ancestor that fought in the Revolutionary War was born in Pendleton! I never thought I would find a South Carolina connection until now. Hopefully I will be able to make a trip to the local library down there soon.

I was hoping I would get a photo request while I was home so I could go exploring. Ironically enough, I got an email this morning with a request in Greenville Memorial Gardens which is only 15 minutes from my house. I looked at the cemetery page on findagrave and there were 21 unfilled request there! I’m definately going to have to make the trip back home this weekend to find as many as I can (and get free laundry service).