Family from Newberry

This weekend I made my way down to Newberry, SC and visited my grandma to go through family records.  I was able to find out a lot of really interesting things about the Brehmer side of the family.  I found out that one of my great grandfathers was a detective in Atlanta, GA.  We even found records for the men he was searching for (wanted posters, personal writings, etc…).  I also found out that my dad has an old pistol of his, which we suspect was used in his detective work.  Unfortunately I did not have access to a scanner, but I brought lots of documents back to school to upload to

Henry Thomas Fellers Detective


This is the card for his detective agency in Atlanta.  (Henry Thomas Fellers)

IMG_3239 IMG_3249

I also made a trip to our old plantation home in Silverstreet, SC to look at some more records from the Fellers side of the family, such as family photos.  I found the original marriage certificate for my great great grandparents as well, and have attached it below.  It was stored along with the families birth, marriage, and death records as well.  I was able to bring these documents back to school with me  and scan them into  I thought these were really awesome and valuable pieces of family history.

Spearman:Fellers Marriage Document

Finally, I was able to take many pictures of my families graves in Silverstreet and Newberry.  Luckily I was able to use these graves to find the exact birth and death dates for many of my family members that I couldn’t find on record.  One thing that was a huge help when looking at gravestones was that I was finally able to find the exact name and date of birth and death for my great great great grandmother that married my great… grandfather from Germany.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find out her parents name in my search, but I will continue to look at more graves in hopes of finding it.


This is her and great… grandfathers grave (who arrived from Germany).