Find A Grave

To my surprise, one of the more helpful resources I have been using is Find A Grave. When I find a relative within their collection of graves, I usually am able to discover their birth date and location, death date and location, and I can further search within that cemetery or graveyard (I know now that there is a difference!) to see if any other relatives are buried there by searching their maiden name and surname. The most helpful instance I encountered was finding my great great grandfather Solomon Klaus who was buried in Chattanooga, Tenn in 1968. His “memorial” gave me a brief biography and a picture of him and his grave. It also led me to his spouse’s and parent’s graves and therefore essentially information about them. This is essential to further support information found on 

Knowing how these links have helped me, I wanted to help the genealogical community by making sure I could continue to suggest links to relatives I found as well as adding information and photos as I went along!