Pictures and Archives

This post is rather short, but I don’t feel that there are many significant updates since my last post. I went home this past weekend, and though I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to visit my grandmother in person — my church was putting on a big event that I was helping with — I was able to get some pictures and documents from her through my dad. I haven’t yet had an opportunity to look through them in detail, but it looks like it contains some old pictures and family-Bible-style genealogies. This week, I’m going to start adding cousins and great* aunts and uncles to my tree, and this stuff should come in handy.

I also heard back from the State Archives on Friday before leaving for home. I had asked them if they could find articles of incorporation for Cheap John’s in Spartanburg, or for anything else of T.A.’s. No dice, unfortunately — which makes some sense in hindsight, I suppose, since Cheap John’s appeared to be a franchise, and since it may have never been incorporated even if it should have been. I’m looking forward to doing a brute-force sweep of Oakwood Cemetery with the class. In the vein of genealogical service, I plan on going to Greenlawn again, going through a section, and finding graves that are listed on the no-pics list — that should save the folks in the mortuary office some trouble.