Road Trip

Over the weekend, Catherine and I took a bit of a road trip. Actually, it wasn’t much of one, but it felt like it after almost 5 hours in the car. Therefore, I shall call it a road trip, and no one is allowed to argue with me. (;

Our first stop was Catherine’s uncle Ned’s house in Greenville, SC. He was a very sweet man who has a gorgeous place for a house. After settling into the couches and being served glasses of some good ol’ RC Cola, Ned handed Catherine a folder full of stories that he’d written a couple of years ago. They were from his childhood, and after reading through a few of them, I found them to be very entertaining and informative. Some of the things mentioned were things that we don’t get to experience anymore. Life at that time proved to be very different from today, but in a nice way. After a few more stories and looking through some photo albums, Ned offered to take us on a walk down to the Saluda River.

Here is a brief video of our “hike” through the woods. I’m filming and Catherine, Jo Anna (Catherine’s older sister), Ned, and the adorable mouse (Ned’s dog) are walking in front of me.

Ned then offered to take us out to lunch. We ended up going to Bojangles (after driving for a while and not being able to decide). I’m not a big fan of Bojangles, but I did enjoy the meal. We got a couple laughs, especially at Ned asking the cashier if they served beer. He says that he’s “crossing this one off of his list too” because even though he has beer at his house, it’s nice to have one every now and then while eating out.

After a brief stop in Columbia for dinner at IHOP, we finally headed for Catherine’s house in Summerville, SC. Since we arrived kind of late, we had to wait until the next afternoon to visit her grandparents that live practically right down the street. They told us so many stories and showed us so many photographs of different people, that I really can’t remember them all. Boxes were stored in what I have decided to deem as Catherine’s grandfather’s “man cave”. We were allowed to go through them, causing him to begin to tell all kinds of stories about the books and such that we discovered in the boxes.


Here is a photo of a page from one of the many flight record books we found, courtesy of Catherine’s grandparents. (Catherine, feel free to add their names in the comments, because I forgot them.)

Overall, I had a wonderful time this weekend with Catherine’s family. Even though it wasn’t my own family history I was learning about, I still enjoyed hearing the interesting stories from the past. (: