There are still some mysteries

Slowly but surely I’ve been expanding my tree each day, hoping to reach new breakthroughs in my research.  However, my dad’s side of the family is still a dead end.  I know all of my great grandparents besides one were born in Poland, which must be the reason I’m having so much trouble.  Even though I have the world version of, there doesn’t seem to be much from Poland at all.  It’s disappointing and a little discouraging to be at a stand still on this side of my family because I’m so interested in learning more about my Polish ancestry.  One recent discovery came just the other day when my dad remembered his grandmother’s maiden name, Mary Marciniak.  However, this new name didn’t lead me farther than finding just one more census record.  Even if I can’t find much past my great grandparents, I’m hoping to get some pictures soon from my Uncle or Aunt.

Back to the ancestry goldmine half of my family, my mom’s side.  I’ve been able to slowly fill in the complete families of my grandparents, extending this way instead of attempting to search back through hard to find and sometimes lost Irish records.  It’s interesting to find so many of my ancestors who served in World War I and World War II.  I knew my grandfather had served in the army because of his military funeral, but I didn’t know about my great grandfather and all of my great uncles and such.  I can now piece together certain aspects of my ancestors lives, like being able to see a picture of my great grandfather Charles Aloysius McGraw and his World War I draft card.

GG McGraw Young  Charles Aloysius McGraw Draft Card WWI

The mystery that has still yet to be solved is the early death of my aunt, my mom’s sister, Patricia Marie McGraw (Patsy).  She was only 19 when she died, and I’m still on the search for an obituary or funeral record.  However, I was able to find a picture of her when she was younger with the help of my mom. I can even tell that she’s most likely wearing her Catholic school uniform and probably a cross around her neck.


Throughout my work on ancestry, I’ve come across another tree quite often.  I think I’m going to email this person who has a McGraw family tree (my mother’s maiden name) to see who they are.  And just recently, someone copied my uploaded pictures onto their tree!  I hope I can find out more by contacting both of these ancestry users.