Expanding different branches of the tree

Hiya, it’s Audrey. As Dr. Lawton pointed out in class, Anna and I went to the beach in Charleston this weekend, and it was a blast! Despite that wonderful break and distraction from anything productive, I still made some progress in gathering family information. I emailed one of my Aunts in New Zealand who is very interested in our family history. She’s collected loads of information on my grandmother’s family. She mailed it all to my house in Kansas, and even if it gets home by the end of the course, I’ll still have to have my parents scan everything so I can use it on Ancestry. We’ll see if I can get it all in on time, but at least I know that the information is there, and there’s even more where it came from. She was able to email me some names and dates of arrival in New Zealand, so my next step is putting those up on the tree.

I also had the chance to email my grandparents on both sides of the family. My paternal grandparents helped compile more info and fill in gaps in my Aunt’s information. My maternal grandparents knew all of the dates for their parents, siblings, and other children and grandchildren, so that was a big help as well. I also discovered that we have traced my maternal grandmother’s family back to the late 1700s in France, which is much more than I could have hoped for. I also have more pictures than expected. One minor problem is that I have pictures for my grandpa’s grandmothers, but I don’t have names for them. It shouldn’t be too much trouble to find them, and at least in the meantime I have photos to look at!

As ever, I’m still working on uploading my enormous Coventry tree. I’ve put a very large majority of it onto Ancestry, but I’ve taken a break from it for a little while to focus on my mother’s and paternal grandmother’s side of the family, along with regain some of the sanity I lost from looking at so many names on that huge sheet of paper! I’m determined to get it all done though; I can’t wait until it’s all up on Ancestry.

That’s about it for now! Just to add some flavor to this post, here’s a picture my maternal grandparents sent me of my great grandmother. I thought it was pretty cool (I can definitely see the resemblance to my grandfather too, which is very neat):Image