Solving Mysteries and Finding Closure

As I was talking to my grandparents this week and showing them the things I had found, I got to experience them making connections they never thought of before. My grandma said that she always knew that her Jeter side of the family was always close to a seemingly unrelated family known as the Kerns. Through my research, however, I was able to find out that her Great Grandmother was a Kerns and that her Great Grandfather, a Jeter, lived with his wife and her Kerns parents for a period of time.

I was also able to hear old stories about relatives and the diversity of that side. It turns out that I have white relatives down in Newberry, SC. So far surnames I know of are Hunter, Rice, and even some white Jeters. Grandma also told me of the nicknames relatives were called, like “Uncle Dan”, Pork Chop (My Dad) and others. There was also a great aunt who was part Native American. If she saw a snake go into a hole she’d stick her hands in after it to keep it from going out the other side.

Lastly, I was able to solve a personal request from my Grandma. She knew that her Mom had a sister, but they were split up after her mother died. It so happened that her mother was taken in by her grandmother’s side (the Free side) while her mother’s sister was taken by her grandfather’s side (the Spearman side). Through the 1920 census, I was able to find out that her mother had not only had one sibling, she had 2 older sisters. It was Amanda (her mother) and her two sisters Hannah and Lizzie. Now she’s charged me with the task of finding whether they’re still alive to meet them. If they are, they’d be in their late 90s.