And the Daddy Is…

It seems I’m turning into a 3-am genealogist. I knew before starting this class that my paternal grandmother’s dad wasn’t her actual father. The name she supplied was Clarence Curtis Martin, but even narrowing that down to people who lived in Columbus, Georgia, around the time of my grandmother’s birth (1931) proved inconclusive — as luck would have it, there were two Clarence Curtis Martins living there in 1930!

A packet of documents that she sent back with me this past weekend contained a marriage announcement for Clarence Curtis Martin and Obie Jewell Christie. This helped immensely, but I wanted to check with my grandma first to make sure that this marriage announcement was for the right guy, that somebody didn’t just find it and go off of the name alone. Turns out, my great-grandmother had kept this marriage announcement (and the picture supplied with it) in a file of keepsakes, so that’s good enough evidence for me — since she was the one who had a child by this man, after all.

Also in that packet of stuff were her stepdad’s discharge papers, and judging by them, he led a rather uninteresting Army career, at least from a genealogical standpoint. My grandma said that she didn’t think it was worth the $60 fee to request the full service file unless I really needed it, so I’m going to use some of that money towards the request of Clarence Curtis Martin’s death certificate from the Georgia Vital Records Office.

Marriage announcement for Clarence Curtis Martin