Expanding my family tree

My family tree is pretty well developed on my dad’s side, but I have been neglecting my moms. The reason is not because I like one side better than the other or anything, but it is just that I am much more exposed to my dad’s side. The majority of my dad’s family are in the United States, therefore, I am able to meet and interact with them. While my mom’s side of the family is in India, London, Australia and just some in United States. The geographical location makes it very difficult for me to meet that of the family and rarely do I get to interact with them. However, this past weekend I emailed my cousins on my mom’s side asking for information about their parents my aunts and uncles and also grandparents. While contacting them I was also able to talk to them about just things in general like school and family. For once in my left I actually felt close to them and now I really want to go and meet them.

This family search has made me realize that while living in the United States is great and has given me and my family great opportunities I also miss out on so much that goes on in my home country of India. I have realized that I am not able to share in or experience the same things my grand parents or even parents experienced. However, the hardest thing for me is the fact that I have basically grown up without really getting to know my mom’s side of the family including my first cousins. I have been speaking to my mom and maternal grandmother about that side of family and I am know calling people and sending and receiving pictures to make a more personal connection.

While trying to explore my mom’s side of the family I found out some very interesting and touchy things. I always knew that my mom had another brother who died when he was 5 from a sickness and that is all I still know. However, I have been pressuring my mom and grandma to tell me more about him and I think I might be able to learn more about the person who would be my uncle. I have also learned that when the British where in charge of India my maternal grandmother’s uncle was a protester with Ghandi and he also was sent to jail because of protesting.