Exploring Old Family Photos

This week I traveled to West Columbia, SC to visit my grandparents to look at old family photos and go over some family history on their side of the family.  I found lots of really great pictures that I was able to scan into Ancestry.com, so I was finally able to match many of the names with faces on my Amick side.

Scan012               Scan013

This was one of the oldest pictures I was able to find of my great, great, great grandparents, who were Stablers (mom’s-mom’s side).  I was also able to find some of the original death records on this side of the family as well for my great, great, great grandfather (William Franklin Stabler).  Another interesting find I was able to make was a family photo of four generations of women on my mom’s side.  I thought this was really cool because it included my mom and all the way to my great, great grandmother.

group picture


My mom is the one standing down in the front, and from left to right it includes two of my great, great grandmothers; my great grandmother, and my grandma.

Tomorrow, I will be making my way back down to Newberry to gather more pictures and stories on my dad’s side of the family (Brehmer) for the last time, so I hope to find plenty of good finds.

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