Full Circle

Discovering my family tree has been an eye opening experience. The late night research, numerous hour long phone calls, and slightly obsessive 23andme.com stalking has come with its ups and downs. However, this has only made me more interested to find more. Now that I have been researching for a little over a month I have hit those walls and learned that their are always ( for the most part ) new leads. If their is one thing that I learned from Dr. Lawton’s cousin in class Friday is that these new leads wont happen over night and even if you are lucky over the course of a month but will mostly likely happen over years and decades worth of research.

So far the most interesting part of research as i am sure for most of the others in the class is the stories that go along with each person. These stories shed light on how each person lived and make them more then just a name of a page. Most of the stories that stick out in my family tree come from my paternal grandfather. Mostly because for one he is good at telling these tales and that like I, he enjoys collected the family documents and heirlooms. The coolest thing i have seen was his fathers original inscribed boy scout book from when he was a child. This original book is about 90 years old! I hope to continue to stumble upon these items and documents and hopefully be able to relay these stories to my kinds and grand kids!

On another note, this class has allowed me to explore my maternal side. A side that until the start of interim i had known very little about because it wasn’t something we normally talked about. But after inquiring, i have found loads of info that has allowed me to link to  a 2nd cousin of my maternal grandfathers side that has shared a bunch of pictures and documents that i had never seen! These new pictures and documents have also sparked a new mission for my mother. She has begun to look and ask more to things she wasn’t so sure about. This has not only helped me but has allowed her to research on her own! Overall I am glad that i choose this interim and hope that everyone has a chance to do what i did over the month of January at some point over their lifetime!