Grandparents and Secret Cousins

So the same weekend that Lena and I visited my g-uncle Neddo, we also went and saw my maternal grandparents in Summerville. I knew that they had a lot of history stuff but I thought that it would be completely spread out between their house and our house. (Our attic has at least 4 generations of STUFF in it). Anyways, to my surprise my grandfather, Pop, actually had a lot of the history in boxes, un-sorted, un-labeled, packed to the brim boxes, but boxes none the less.

Here’s a little bit of background info:

I always heard stories that mentioned a woman named Barbara Miley. They were usually long drawn out stories that only mentioned her for a couple of sentences and it was one of those names where you knew that you were supposed to know who they were but you didn’t so you don’t ask and just listen to the story anyways… ya know?

So most of the information I found at my grandfather’s was given to him by this woman of unknown relation to me, Barbara Miley. There was some of everything. Hand written trees, letters, newspaper clippings, photos, airplane log books, I mean seriously some of EVERYTHING! A few days later my mom sent me a facebook message telling to check out..guess who.. Barbara Miley’s facebook post about one of our relatives. I searched, found her, friended her, and read her post. ONE post contained information on at least seven relatives including a link to an obituary. Let’s just say, as soon as this post is finished I am messaging her! And I still don’t know the relation! I think that she is first cousins with my grandfather.. but I am working on it!


My grandmother, Jo, also found a possible relation between me and Lena! No hard proof yet, but we will get back to you!