Small Tidbits

Hey, I’m here with just some observations I’ve come across in the time spent looking at my family history.

One thing I’ve learned: my family (on either side)… not real big on keeping pictures and diaries and all that. Diaries and other records like that in particular, which I can see from my maternal grandmother, who isn’t as much of a paper/document/photo hoarder as, say, my mom is.

Interesting point number two is that there are a couple of marriages between people with a ten year age gap. It’s not that strange I suppose, but of my living relatives, there are no gaps that large, so it just was kind of surprising to see.

Another thing of note is that I have not-so-distant relatives that are seemingly unknown. For instance, my mother was/is close to her father’s family, yet there is a Rose Martino on the tree that she has never heard of before. Similarly, there is another person farther back on another part of the tree who is extremely difficult to find any info for. I’m assuming he died young, possibly in a war, but any specifics are lost to me right now.

Still, it is very interesting to see some of these points. And for some reason, I’m very intrigued by the marriage age one. It just really surprised me.