Find a Grave Pay Off

I began corresponding with two find a grave volunteers out of sheer luck! I messaged one user to suggest a link between my grandfather and his father and I put in a photo request for my great grandmother who is buried in Wake County, North Carolina. Maybe a day later I got emails back from both users so happy to help and turns out i’m sortof related to one of them! I assume the man who accepted the photo request is in his 80’s ish; he was so fun to talk to. I think my great grandmother was similar to our classes’ William’s mystery so sharing information back and forth with him, in some extent, made this class worthwhile. It felt good to help. I was able to share what I knew about her husband and where he is buried (unfortunately not with Esther in NC). In return, he sent me pictures of her grave and information he collected from the funeral home and other archive sites. The coolest part is that somebody recently left flowers on her grave which means I may have a potential relative only a state over! I would love to find whoever that is and figure out the connection. A new journey ahead… Image