Never Stop Learning

Over the weekend, I have been doing some more research, and have found some new information. Although I have added many new names to my tree, I have learned a lot about the religious background of my dad’s side of the family. This side was part of the ARP Church, or the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, which I had heard about, but never really looked into. Recently I learned that my great grandfather started Bonclarken, which is an ARP conference getaway in Flat Rock, NC. Just like Montreat or Kanuga, Bonclarken is very important for the church. On the other side of my family, I have still been looking back into my relative who started the fortune 500 company Sonoco.

I really enjoying Skyping with the Nelson brothers about their distillery and business. It is inspirational that they have turned their family history into something they are so passionate about and are able to make a living off of it. I know some connections in alcohol distribution in South Carolina, and would really like to help them spread their product here.