One Last Effort!

My last chance phone calls last week paid off with a lot of new information!  On Thursday I contacted my Aunt Lisa, who is related to me through my grandma on my dad’s side.  She contacted me saying she had a lot of information on the Warfel and Cunningham sides of my tree.  Late last night she sent me seven documents pertaining to to those sides. (Aunt Lisa lives in California so it  wasn’t so late to her).  I found the documents in my email this morning and use this afternoon to process them.  All of the documents are very cool!

My Aunt Lisa included a family tree of the Warfel/ Cunningham side.  She has information for some of the family all the way back to Rotterdam! This was a breakthrough I have been waiting because I have yet to find a connection over seas.Image

Also she had the original marriage certificate of Reese M. Blatt (Cunningham side) and Matilda C. Ealy.  The great thing about this certificate is the couple was married in York, Pa!!  This is where my mom’s family has been since they have came over!  Could there be a connection?Image

My Aunt Lisa also had very old photos which is great!  My mom’s side has none that we know of and my dad’s they’re isn’t any passed my great grandparents.Image

Another cool thing she had was the birthdate of all of the Warfels written done on Warfel market paper!  The phone is in the top corner and is just three numbers.  I did some research and when the phone was invented there were some numbers that were 1, 2 or 3 numbers long, so this market must have been around the late 1800’s to very early 1900’s. There is also sheets showing the deaths and marriages of the Warfel family.ImageImageImage

The last sheet that was entitled family extra had the data I have been waiting for; it shows that Hans Melchoir Warfel arrived by boat from Rotterdam, which I am guessing is the Rotterdam in the Netherlands.  When he arrived he lived in Lancaster, Pa which is an hour from my house!Image

It’s too bad I received all this information so late.  The info jump started my will to learn about my tree and will have me continue learning things throughout the semester.