Paternal Ancestors

While I normally think of my mom as the genealogy expert in the family, I have recently been working through some information that my dad put together about his side of the family. I hadn’t been able to get as far on his side as I had on my mom’s, but this information helped me out quite a bit. It is always interesting to trace a line in my tree back into the 1700s. I found that I have Confederate and Revolutionary soldiers on my paternal side in addition to my maternal side, as well a connection to one of my mom’s ancestors. Since pretty much all of my ancestors are from the same area in Georgia, I figured I would find a connection eventually if I went far enough back.

I think that pretty much wraps up the batch of extra information I got from my parents, so now I plan to keep using and other resources to find out more details about the many people I was able to add to my tree over the past few days. Some of this includes identifying siblings of direct ancestors in order to find out more about my ancestors themselves as well as their families. It is also more difficult for me to find information that I am willing to trust about these people that lived hundreds of years ago. With that in mind, I know that I may have to do some serious research to go back much further in my tree.