Road Block

While on ancestry i was researching my ancestor who was beheaded in Germany and it was because he had married a russian woman. He had his wife flee to america with his two sons.  I found this guy that was through the same son of Wolford that my family is. He had more of wolfords family that my family did and it was really cool getting to trace back my family back to the 1100’s in England. 

As of right now i have hit a road block on people i can place on my tree but i am hoping that i will be able to find more people and add them. I am going to continue to work on my tree even after this class is over. My family has been so supportive in this and glad that i am spending my time making our family tree. They all have been helping me to the best of their ability which is really nice. They have looked through closets and boxes attics and other places that this information could be in. They have taken me to family cemeteries and told me stories of my family at least what they could remember. I have gotten closer to my family through this experience and I am so glad for it.