The Search Continues

So I had been feeling a little hopeless with the Farrisi link to my family. I hadn’t been able to find records verifying the little bit of what I had been told and no one seems to know much. Near the beginning of the course I had contacted my Grandmother’s oldest sister because I was told that she would know the most. I called her and spoke to her and although she told me about the Brewster surname, she said she didn’t know much about Farrisi. (This past Friday she did send me a packet of information concerning the Brewster side, consisting of names and relationships of people which is good!) I have mentioned before that she told me that the only person who would know more about Farrisi would be Irene (She married Melville Farrisi, the son of Pasquale and Maria/Mary? and brother of my grandfather Anthony Farrisi).

I had called Irene right after and spoke to Irene’s daughter Christine. Christine told me that Irene would have to call me back because she was sick. I never heard back, so despite my worries of being annoying, I called back this weekend. Christine answered again and I discovered that Irene had just had surgery and all that taking place was the reason she was unable to talk to me. She is in the process of recovering and Christine told me Thursday would be a good time to call. I’m very excited to finally speak to her and learn more! Christine said she didn’t know much but this weekend we spoke for a while and she actually had a lot of useful information! Originally I had been told that it was my grandparents Pasquale and Maria/Mary Farrisi that came over from Salerno/Naples, Italy. However, Christine told me that it was actually their parents before them that came over. She said that Mary never left the U.S. after she was born in New York and that they lived in New York their whole lives. I also learned that it was an arranged marriage between Pasquale and Mary in 1916, regardless of Mary’s interest in someone else (weird once again because maybe I wouldn’t be here!). I also am very eager to find out names of Pasquale and Mary’s parents because this is what I have not been able to figure out! Christine told me that Mary’s mothers name was Christine which is so so helpful!

I was able to go on ancestry to search for records now that I knew that Pasquale Farrisi and Mary Gennadio weren’t the ones who came over from Italy (it was their parents). I am really really looking forward to talking to Irene to learn more!! Below is what I have found from ancestry so far. It’s a census record with Mary Gennadio, with the correct age/birth year and her mother as Christine/Christina from New York but originally from Italy. I think this is her! I just don’t know if the spelling that I have been told (Gennadio) is correct or if Genadyo is correct?!


At this point I am still exploring this discovery more. It’s hard because I am unsure whether these people are actually family members!