Tunnel after tunnel

Hi everyone, it’s Audrey. I’m very proud to announce that I’ve finally completed the excruciatingly tedious and enormous Coventry tree! It is now entirely up on Ancestry.com, which is a very rewarding feeling. I reached the end of that tunnel, but the tracks jumped straight into a second tunnel the minute I was done. I got a dozen emails from my dad with letters, certificates, and lots of pictures dealing with his mom’s side of the family. His sister had to mail them from New Zealand, so unfortunately they came just as we’re finishing up the course. As I started to look through the emails I realized that it was decidedly much more complicated than the Coventry tree – half of the family changed their name from Mackay to McKay, but many of the records don’t show the difference. The actual family lineage and emigration to New Zealand is all there, but I’ll have to go through and pick out tidbits from letters to piece everything together. To add to that, many of the pictures aren’t labeled, so I’ll have to use contexts or my Aunt’s eyes to figure out who everyone is. As it turns out, I’ve signed myself up for a huge puzzle a day and a half before my presentation. Who knows what I’ll be able to piece together by then, but at least I haven’t hit any walls!

My grandparents in France also emailed me recently. My grandpa (who has become very enthusiastic about this project) called the city hall in his hometown and found out the names and birth years of his grandparents. Now if I look at my tree on Ancestry, I’m only missing one great great grandparent, and it’s actually on the side of the family I was positive I would fill. We might even be able to find more of his ancestors when I go to France this summer, which is great not only great for genealogy’s sake, but also because I know it would make him very happy and proud.

I almost feel as though my search is picking up speed just as we’re about to end, especially since my 23andme results should come soon! I Skyped my parents today and I think they’re really starting to get into this – hopefully they can help continue this search during second semester.

I have yet to figure out who this jolly old fellow is, but I say he looks pretty spiffy in his Scottish kilt and thought it’d be fun to share:Image