Wrapping it All Up

Yesterday I spent the night in Newberry going over some last minute family history with my relative, Randolph Johnson, and with my Grandma.  I finally found the picture I have been anxiously awaiting for, the picture of my nazi tank commander relative, Commander Schaar (pronounced: Shaa).  I also found out that he would have been my great granduncle, and that he ultimately died of pneumonia on a the hospital ship, Lister.  He is in the picture below.

Tank Commander    HEB Home, Weihe Germany


I also found pictures of my first Brehmer relatives that came from Germany, and that they were from Weihe (pronounced ve-hee).  I thought it was really cool seeing a picture of their house in Weihe as well, which can be seen above in the picture beside Commander Schaar.  Apparently the Brehmer family came from a lot of money before the war in Germany.  A really interesting story that I found out about my family was that when Germany was divided and part of it was under control of Russia, my family got across the Russian controlled border and tied all their silver under their car so that it wouldn’t get taken by the Russians.  The silver was also engraved with HEB, which could have been Harmon Ernest Brehmer (either my 2nd or 3rd great grandfather).

War Ration Book     Ration Stamps

I also had another interesting find, which was my great grandaunt Lazelle’s war ration stamps.  I have never seen anything like these before, and thought that they were really awesome to see in person.  I also thought it was really cool to see her handwriting on the front of the stamp booklet, and the address that she was living at, at that time.  I also had no idea that she lived in North Carolina, so seeing that address on the front of the war ration book can help explain some of the areas of residence on her ancestry.com profile.

roanoke, VA     Wanted Ad     Train Ticket 2

I also found some documents on my great, great grandfather Fellers, who was the detective in Atlanta, GA.  I found some of the wanted posters for people he was searching for, as well as punched train tickets that he kept from his travels while looking for many of these criminals.  I also found a handwritten note for a person that he was going to look for, who was suspected to have cut a persons throat and killed them in Roanoke, VA.  I thought it was really cool looking at all these old documents, as well as the original train tickets during his travels as a detective.

Overall I have found lots of really cool information on my family, and was amazed to see many of these documents that my family has been keeping for all these years.  They were all really useful in my search.  After beginning this project, I have realized that this has now developed into a never ending hobby, and I am excited to see where all my future searches take me.  I am also really excited to go back to my grandparents house and look through more trunks of old family documents, because I have much more left to discover in those as well.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, and highly recommend it for future interims.