This interim has been great. I have learned things about my family that most of my family didn’t even know. I made closer connections with my family than i had before this class. I am hoping to continue my family tree. I have met a relative off of ancestry and i hope to get to know him better he is very interesting and i would like to know how he got all of his information that is on his tree.  

I know i have been working on my webber and bentley side the most. The webber because both of my parents have that common ancestor and i wanted to know where there ancestry met up. I did manage to find that and i was really proud i have connected them on my moms side but i haven’t found where it links in on my dads and i hope to find that soon. 

My granddaddy Joe wants me to look back in to the Jones and Norris side of my family and i hope to be able to find things on there for him. He had two older brothers one was 18 years older, Frank, the other was 10 years older, Bob. Both have passed away and i am glad i got to know my uncle frank before he died. i never got the chance to meet uncle bob but i am told that he was a character and he would have gotten along with me very well.