Parting Words

In retrospect, of course I believe I could have done more in this class. But I don’t see the privilege of learning about my family history as something to be rushed. It is a never-ending process (unless I choose it to end) that I can continue for the rest of my life. Knowing how much I enjoy listening and learning from my grandparents about their lives, their relatives and their values, I can’t wait to assume the role of the storyteller. This honor that we have as human beings to pass on our history, both personal and non-personal, is not to be taking lightly. I believe that we were meant to know history further back in time than our own lives or our parents lives. The role of history is to teach us how to live by retelling and explaining the lives of others before us. I want to be the storyteller of my family. I want to be the records keeper. It’s a responsibility that I’m eager to undertake.