Tying it All Together

I can’t believe its the end of interim already. I have found out so much about my family that I didn’t really know about when I first began. Certain things have always been said in my family, but it is really cool to see what has actually been true and what hasn’t. Recently, I was able to find my uncle’s ancestry.com account and I found that he has been able to trace one of our lines all the way back to the 1080s, which is so interesting because all the people in that line are french and they were pretty noble french as well. I want to sit down and be able to talk to him about that line though because its hard to follow when looking at it on the computer screen. I really want to be able to understand where exactly it comes from in relation to me. I also found it was really interesting that there was so much information that he found because it was all over in Europe, which has been really hard for me to find.

Along with my uncle’s account, I have also found a newsletter for my Piel side of the family, which is my mother’s father side. Reading the newsletter was so interesting because it includes little snip bits about my families life at some point in time. In the newsletter, I was also able to find a picture of my great, great grandparents which was very interesting. I love finding pictures because you can see so much by just looking at a picture. For one you can tell a lot about the time they were in by the clothes they wear and the even the way they stand.

I obviously still have so much more for me to find and discover, which is so exciting, but I am still so proud of how much I have got so far. I hope to be able to go to visit all the places my relatives have come from. Maybe that will be my interim for next year!