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This interim has been great. I have learned things about my family that most of my family didn’t even know. I made closer connections with my family than i had before this class. I am hoping to continue my family tree. I have met a relative off of ancestry and i hope to get to know him better he is very interesting and i would like to know how he got all of his information that is on his tree.  

I know i have been working on my webber and bentley side the most. The webber because both of my parents have that common ancestor and i wanted to know where there ancestry met up. I did manage to find that and i was really proud i have connected them on my moms side but i haven’t found where it links in on my dads and i hope to find that soon. 

My granddaddy Joe wants me to look back in to the Jones and Norris side of my family and i hope to be able to find things on there for him. He had two older brothers one was 18 years older, Frank, the other was 10 years older, Bob. Both have passed away and i am glad i got to know my uncle frank before he died. i never got the chance to meet uncle bob but i am told that he was a character and he would have gotten along with me very well.  

Road Block

While on ancestry i was researching my ancestor who was beheaded in Germany and it was because he had married a russian woman. He had his wife flee to america with his two sons.  I found this guy that was through the same son of Wolford that my family is. He had more of wolfords family that my family did and it was really cool getting to trace back my family back to the 1100’s in England. 

As of right now i have hit a road block on people i can place on my tree but i am hoping that i will be able to find more people and add them. I am going to continue to work on my tree even after this class is over. My family has been so supportive in this and glad that i am spending my time making our family tree. They all have been helping me to the best of their ability which is really nice. They have looked through closets and boxes attics and other places that this information could be in. They have taken me to family cemeteries and told me stories of my family at least what they could remember. I have gotten closer to my family through this experience and I am so glad for it. 

nothing new

I have been adding more people to my tree but i haven’t come across anything new.  Except that I found that another member of my family was killed. He was hung for treason against the king i dont know what he did but i thought that it was pretty cool. I hope to find more interesting things but i do not know. We shall see only research shall tell. 

Interesting discoveries

Researching my family tree has become really interesting.  I found where my parents share a common ancestor. My great ancestor that was beheaded in germany his grandsons from his son casper are my parents decedents. I have yet to find how distant cousins my parents are but we do know where there common person is.

While doing research about Wolfrom Von Webber I found this man on that had a lot of information about him. I contacted him and he told me that I could use anything on his own personal tree that I needed. I found another relative from my dads side. He is related to the son moses that my dad is my mom is related to his brother Joseph. He told me since i was family i was allowed to use the tree even though he was joking i find it funny. We have exchanged several messages and he has opened up a lot of “brick walls” I have now gotten my dads side of the family back to the 1200’s and come to find out i think i am related to King Edward the III and Richard the Lion hearted which is awesome that my ancestors were basically in the Crusades for my religion who knew?

I am looking forward to continuing more research into my family and hopefully finding more interesting information and maybe secrets that were not know but i doubt it but one can hope cant I?

Well thats all for now.

Anna B.

More discovery and my volunteer work

Hey everyone hope your week has been great. This is Anna Bentley again. I have traced my family back to the 1520’s from my dad’s dad. I am super pumped about that but I cannot take that any farther because I do not have the world one and the rest of his information is in London England which is very sad but oh well no big deal. I am still surprised that I actually got my family back that far. I am so thankful for census records.

Yesterday and today I went on adventures with my grandmothers. Yesterday’s adventure was going with my mom and her mother to my families graves and getting pictures of the family members that I could. It was cool seeing all of the names of the family members and listening to my grandmother tell me what she knew about each person at least at much as she could. It was awesome. Today was going with my mom and my dad’s mother to go to the family cemeteries, the Webber and the Bentley family, I got to see my grandfathers grave I have not gone to see that since i was 10 when he was buried. I also found out that I have a relative named Pocahontas and that her mother was native american which i had no idea.

While I was in the Haney Cemetery I took some pictures of graves so that i could document them on I hope to help family members that have loved ones buried there like i do. I had really forgotten what his headstone looked like and that my name,dad’s, aunts and my cousins names are on his headstone. My nana told me she did that so that so that people can locate their ancestors if they are ever trying to trace back their family tree like I am doing now.


Bentley Family uncoverings

My name is Anna Micheal Bentley (yes my middle name is spelled right i get a lot of questions about that). I have always wanted to know more about my family history. My grandmother’s and my mom have told me that my ancestor that came to America from Germany was Truman Webber who had seven children two of those were twins, Casper and Jasper, one twin was my fathers the other twin was my mothers ancestor. One twin went to North Carolina the other went to South Carolina. I thinks it is really interesting that my family has been in the carolinas since they came to America. I was also told from my nana that back in the 1600′s there is record of one of my family members being beheaded for some reason which i am not totally sure of. But I am really looking forward to tracing back my family. I have found that my great grandfather was a twin and was 1 of 15 children. DANG! That is a lot of children. But that is my family and i am proud to be a member of it!