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Tying it All Together

I can’t believe its the end of interim already. I have found out so much about my family that I didn’t really know about when I first began. Certain things have always been said in my family, but it is really cool to see what has actually been true and what hasn’t. Recently, I was able to find my uncle’s account and I found that he has been able to trace one of our lines all the way back to the 1080s, which is so interesting because all the people in that line are french and they were pretty noble french as well. I want to sit down and be able to talk to him about that line though because its hard to follow when looking at it on the computer screen. I really want to be able to understand where exactly it comes from in relation to me. I also found it was really interesting that there was so much information that he found because it was all over in Europe, which has been really hard for me to find.

Along with my uncle’s account, I have also found a newsletter for my Piel side of the family, which is my mother’s father side. Reading the newsletter was so interesting because it includes little snip bits about my families life at some point in time. In the newsletter, I was also able to find a picture of my great, great grandparents which was very interesting. I love finding pictures because you can see so much by just looking at a picture. For one you can tell a lot about the time they were in by the clothes they wear and the even the way they stand.

I obviously still have so much more for me to find and discover, which is so exciting, but I am still so proud of how much I have got so far. I hope to be able to go to visit all the places my relatives have come from. Maybe that will be my interim for next year!


Too Many Paths and No Paths at All

So yes my post is a little late, but in that time I have been able to talk to my grandparents about where I could possibly find more records that involve my family. I feel as if I have exhausted the internet, which seems pretty impossible to me. But when I was speaking with my grandmother about all the different things I have found she told me that her sister has their father’s family’s bible that contains that side of the family’s history which is pretty amazing because I can barely find anything on that side. My grandmother says even she doesn’t know about her paternal half of the family. I think no one has taken the time to go through the bible and see what is inside.

The one thing that has been really disappointing is the lack of stories my maternal family has. Even my grandparents don’t have a lot of stories, besides the ones I have heard. I don’t know if its because I am constantly overlooking everything or if my family really is that boring! Every time I think I come across something it turns out being something else. My paternal family has a treasure chest full of people and stories, but its hard to get though each and every one of them. Over the pas few days I have been able to find a tree that traces some branch of my family on my father’s side all the way back to the 1090s! It’s unbelievable and I have no idea where to start. One thing I have realized in the past few days is that I have so much more left to uncover and this “hobby” can easily last longer then one, four week class.

Names on a Screen

This week we have done a lot with the information we got from the dna test. Over Christmas vacation my family was so interested in the results I got back from the dna test. Many were just amazed that the test could tell so many different things and all I had to do was spit into a tube. The health report was a big deal as well because of the results I got back. In my maternal grandmother’s family Alzheimer’s has always been a big issue for the women in her family; her mother died from it and a few of her mother’s sisters, and her grandmother died from it. So it was interesting to see that not only do I not have an increased risk for the disease, but I also have a decreased risk for it. It was really cool to be able to see that just by having a sample of my DNA they can tell what color eye I have, what type of hair I have, and even what type of earwax I have. I have also been able to connect different problems that my great-grandmother had, like scoliosis, and see that I have an increased risk for the same disease. When I am able to link these things together it helps me feel closer to the names on the screen and better understand what they might have been like.

Today, I was able to find one of my great-great grandmother’s last names so now I can try and trace her and her family in Ireland. It is still pretty hard trying to find more people in different countries but I am having a little bit of luck here and there so hopefully it will turn into something more. For now I am trying to go back through my tree and fill in with more records and documents that tell me more about each one of my relatives. Hopefully I’ll be able to find all the information I want.

Immigration, Marriage, and Brick Walls

Hey y’all!

My family search has actually gone pretty well so far. I have been able to find my dad’s side all the way back to Ireland in the 1800s, but I had most of that because my uncle has worked on that side of the family for about three years now. I did tend to concentrate more on my direct line of relatives when I was looking for documents and records. I have googled a few things for the Kelleher half of the family but I haven’t found as much as far as information and records. Most of what I have is based off of what gave me and what my uncle was able to send to me.

Now on my moms side of the family I had to completely work from scratch on so I am a little more proud of that because I did it all myself. I traced my ancestors all the way back to when they came over to Ellis Island and then even back into Italy for two generations. I have hit a wall at that time in Italy, but I do think I can do a little more research on google to find something more about them. I have yet to research with anything other than the internet, but I do think that I will move on to other methods of research if I can not get pass this brick wall. I have also found the other half of my maternal grandmother’s family is from England at least at first glance. We will see how far I am able to take that line but I think it will be very interesting. For now the search continues!



Discovering My Family

Hey guys! I am Emily Kelleher and I’m one of twenty-five grandchildren on my father’s side so to say that family means something to me is an understatement. Because I do have such a large immediate family already, I have always been so interested in my family history. I know that my paternal family increases tenfold by just going back a generation or two. The hardest thing that I have had to deal with is entering in all my relatives; it drives me insane! But the one thing I am so fascinated by is the sheer number of siblings many of my relatives had. Needless to say the identifier of Irish Catholics having notoriously big families is true. My paternal uncle has already traced my family back to the late 1700s, which is so great, but I don’t know a lot of stories about them. From their places of birth, I can see that they come from France, Ireland, England, and Germany and yet they all chose to immigrate to Philadelphia.

On the flip side of things, on my mother’s side I have barely any previous information for them. I know that my grandfather’s side comes from Denmark and Germany mainly, while my grandmother’s side is purely Italian. I am really interested to see about my grandmother’s side because I am fourth generation Italian and I could have close relations with some people living in Italy. I think it would be so interesting to know the little town I came from in Italy or what jobs they had or what people think of my family because I love imagining what their life is like. I think that’s why I am so interested in this topic in general. I love wondering and piecing together people’s lives, especially my loved ones. I’m excited to discover more pictures (like the one below), more memories and more stories that help show the life my family led.