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With a little help from my friends… and my priest

The Episcopal Church of the Advent - Records and History

I have been hoping to find more information about Sarah Burns Roberts Williams’ family, especially since I have learned that they attended my church many, many years ago.

I didn’t think that I would find anything until we visited the church as a class and searched through old records, but my priest, Father Ned Morris, suggested that I find a copy of The Episcopal Church of the Advent: History and Records 1848-1998, by John B. Edmunds, Jr.

I went to the library this afternoon (without Will – who decided it would be more fun to play with a friend), and I found a copy of the book in the Kennedy Room along with the other church history titles.

Edmunds’ book contains all records of the church for 150 years.  I now have a complete list of all activities of the Roberts family – birth, baptism, marriage, communing members, death, and burial (no burial info for Sarah).

Of course, I’m not going to give you that list.  Instead, I hope that you will find the book in the library and do a little research on your own.  Remember that the course isn’t about who finds something “first” — it is about encouraging each of you to go through the process and learn new research skills.  So even if someone posts the information before you, please don’t let that stop you from seeking the information on your own.