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Genealogy Mystery

Genealogy Mystery: T.A. and Sarah B. Williams

I'm not telling you where I found this!

While each of us will be working on our individual family trees, I also want the class to have a common project where we can work and share our struggles and victories.

My son, Will, and I have been searching for details about T.A. and Sarah B. Williams for several months.  We started by trying to photograph their grave markers for a findagrave.com user. But even after accumulating a great deal of information about their lives, Will and I have been unsuccessful after many attempts to locate their graves.  Will suggested many weeks ago that my students should take on the task as a “challenge”.

I’d like for each of you to see what you can accomplish by piecing together information.  Post any information you find (photos, records, clues) to this site using the category “T.A. and S.B. Williams”.

See what we can learn about these two people and their families.  (Hint, my son even knows about T.A.’s cow).

This is all the information that I am going to provide:

  • Thomas A. Williams was born in 1847 and died on 7 Aug 1921.
  • Sarah B. Williams was born on 1 Sep 1852 and died on 9 May 1917.
  • Both died in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

This is “real world” research.  You don’t have to worry about “cheating” or “improper collaboration” – we just want to find answers as a class.  The only thing I ask is that you cite your sources (records, newspapers, or conversations) and always say who you worked with (you will have more fun if you work with other members of the class) in your posts.